Have a delicious and healthy lunch every day

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There are many benefits inherent in bringing your own lunch to school and/or work, especially if you have access to some great tasting, healthy lunch recipes. Much light has been shed in recent years about the benefits of eating good nourishing food and avoiding the fast food that has become so prevalent in the last decades. The convenience of junk food is alluring, but the ill effects of continued ingestion of processed food has taken an hefty toll on the health of those who habitually indulge in it.

After years of examination, it seems that the logical solution to declining health caused by repeated exposure to unhealthy food is to change our habits. Instead of stopping in for the fast food fix or grabbing a bite from the deli section, we can benefit greatly by going back to the old-fashioned idea of bringing our own lunch to work or to school. We have many choices as to what kind of food to bring, and to be honest, the good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich falls short of satisfying in the long haul. Some good, nutritious options are satisfying as well as good for you.

Many periodicals offer recipes for wholesome, nutritious lunches that are easy to make, travel well, and taste great. You can find some ideas right there in the checkout line at your local grocery store. In the magazine rack, there are also an abundance of ideas available. Another great resource for healthy lunch recipes is the internet. You can find a great recipe for just about anything you would wish to eat, and with a little bit of research, you can find some ideas that are aimed at nourishment as well as taste and appearance. With a minimum effort, you can develop a good selection of recipes to choose from.

Good ingredients are important when preparing healthy food, so one should find a good source for the ingredients. Farmers Markets, food co-ops, and local farms are good ideas. Chain stores are becoming aware of the demand for wholesome foods and are offering better ingredients. Just making an honest effort to find clean, organically grown, free-range ingredients contributes greatly to the quality of the finished meal. Try to buy food that is additive and preservative free, as these ingredients only lengthen the shelf life of the product, and rarely have benefits. Some of these additives are actually quite unhealthy.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that you can benefit greatly not just from the eating, but also the effort of preparing your own lunch. Healthy lunch recipes are easy to find, worthwhile to prepare, and great for your body and mind. They can help you to follow directions, schedule your time better, and think ahead. The benefits of making your mid day meals can be seen in many aspects of your life, from your health to your productivity. You can learn a better way of providing your body's nourishment, find a better place to buy your food, and be the envy of everyone else at the office at the same time. Bon Appétit!

Quick and tasty lunch recipes:

Healthy Lunch Ideas are the best way to stay fit and healthy in today's fast paced and mostly automated lifestyle. Where eating outside in a restaurant can cost you more on your budget and does not prove to be healthy either, similarly eating the same type of peanut butter sandwiches everyday in your lunch sounds so boring and tasteless. Considering these facts, taking your own lunch to the workplace is a much better option. An ideal lunch diet should consist of low-fat protein and high carbohydrates to keep you charged the complete afternoon. So here we have come up with some healthy lunch ideas that are quick to make and high in nutrition.

If you have no time to prepare course meals and you love sandwiches, than you can try a variety of sandwiches using our healthy lunch ideas. To make your lunch wholesome try whole grain bread, wraps or pitas. Fill in the sandwiches with lean foods like lean meats, cheese, tuna fish, smoked turkey or sliced eggs. Add a little more nutrition to it by topping it up with some greens like lettuce, basil, sprouts, tomatoes and cucumbers. These are easy to carry and a convenient way to take your lunch to the office. To be a little more experimental, check out some of the healthy lunch ideas listed below.

Chicken and Fruit Salad from our healthy lunch ideas is a refreshing lunch meal for summers. Take ¼ cup low fat sour cream, add to it poppy seeds, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Whisk them until smooth, keep apart a little for dressing and mix salad green or tossed green vegetables to the mixture. Now add cooked and sliced boneless skinless chicken to it. Top it up with seasonal fruits, feta and walnuts and drizzle the remaining sour cream mix. A delicious lunch meal is ready to lend you enough energy to last through the afternoon.

Another healthy lunch idea is our hearty Egg Salad Bento Lunch. Take two hard boiled eggs peeled and chopped. Mash them up in a bowl and add celery, mustard, greens, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Mix all of them well, now scoop out on lettuce formed like small bowls and arrange it in one container of the box. Next take a banana peel and cut it. Add blue berries and some yoghurt, toss them up. Arrange this in the second container. To the third container add some vegetables like, baby tomatoes, carrot stems and broccoli flowers. To make your lunch complete, add cocktail bread or any other bread slices that you like in the fourth container.

For people with a sweet tooth, take a look at this healthy lunch dessert recipe of Apple Confit. Take 3-4 firm apples. Peel and dice them. Place them in the slow cooker. Add cinnamon and sugar and keep for cooking until the apples turn translucent. Stir in a few drops of vanilla. Transfer the mixture in a serving bowl and allow it to cool. Then refrigerate until chilled. Top it up with a scoop of low fat vanilla ice-cream and toasted walnuts at the time of serving. Hope these healthy lunch ideas will help you plan your lunch meals now more quickly and organized.