Science and technology have always been at the forefront of health and wellness, it’s become easier than ever to obtain the information needed to successfully treat and optimize yourself.  That’s our mission, at Mentergy we aim to provide you with remarkable health content and anecdote on the latest health research and trends in an objective and pragmatic format.

We call our approach to health Functional Remediation, providing substance for our readers with the aim of reducing symptoms and optimizing –both mind and body.  Importantly, our objective is to obtain tangible results by producing content with a foundation of what has consistently worked for us and those we’ve helped.  Our passion comes from knowing firsthand how stressful, debilitating and discouraging health issues can be; I mean seriously, how can you thrive if there is an obstacle hindering your wellness?

Our team is also very busy formulating the most effective, cutting edge, and safe products for our readers.  We only use compounds that have worked for us, with the science backing them to ensure your results.  Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are the foundations for thriving, we get that, but we also realize that there are conditions which may be preventing you from reaching these peak-states.  That is, a state of consistent achievement, both mentally and physically.

Kajal & Amit Tyagi