• The Science Behind Mentergy

    Through dopamine and serotonin modulation, Mentergy is a nootropic supplement that increases energy levels, enhances focus, and boosts mood while reducing anxiety. Created by award-winning bioengineers, the foundation of Mentergy’s breakthrough formula is a blend of the essential trace mineral lithium orotate in its highly absorbable form, caffeine, and vitamin Methyl-B12. Thanks to Mentergy’s unique [...] Continue Reading
  • Diagnosis Depression & 5 Ways to Immediately Change your State

    What is Depression? Before we dive into this article, I want you to perform a quick exercise.  Let’s begin: Open your eyes nice and wide, now stand up with your back straight –shoulders pulled back and chest out.  You’ll have to keep your eyes wide open and back straight for the entire exercise. Good so [...] Continue Reading
  • The New Era of Energy – Powerhouse Combo: Caffeine + Lithium Orotate

    Energy enhancement today It’s no secret that caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant on the market today.  At the correct dosage, it’s relatively safe to be taken daily (multiple times for some) for the extra oomph and wakefulness it provides.  Typically, you’ll find that energy enhancement falls into the following categories, which are also [...] Continue Reading
  • 6 Ways to Tame Anxiety Immediately

    Learn how lady defeats low mood, anxiety and excess sleep with Mentergy. What is Anxiety? Living with anxiety is one of the most effective means of decreasing your ability to perform and execute at full potential.  If you’re reading this article and suffer from anxiety or have in the past, then you know exactly where [...] Continue Reading