Ever feel like you have all the talent, work ethic and determination needed to succeed wildly, but couldn’t get the job done?
That was me for many years: hiding my fears, doing the best I could to control myself just to stay ahead (ever so slightly).

It helped me get pretty far, but how much more could I endure?

Being a successful engineer and very curious by default, I never stopped learning about the human body and myself.  Researching for years on end, spending thousands on experimenting, and most importantly, understanding the science behind it all.

I’ve gone through many dark places figuring myself out and trying to let the best version of me shine through, the person I knew I was capable of being.  This led to trying MANY things, from medicating myself, to the typical meditation and exercise.  Though the latter helped, meds only made me feel emotionless and robotic, not fun!

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but when pushed into a corner, you have 2 choices, bend to that will or do something about it

I’ve poured much of my life into this path, eventually finding gems of knowledge backed by clinical studies and went to work.  Understanding how human physiology was impacted by stressful events, poor diet choices and habits; how the body begins to adapt to this “new normal”.  Over time it grinds you down, it happened to me, I was just a shell of my former confident, determined self.

That feels so long ago, but it’s only been a few years.  My journey changed drastically, my testing and research led to the development of Mentergy, the only nootropic blend with a bioavailable lithium backbone, designed with synergies in mind to not only improve cognitive performance, energy, focus and mood but to also modulate your fight or flight response, e.g. controlling your nerves and preventing anxiety from taking over.  The end result?  The true, boundless YOU.

Join us on this health journey, see what Mentergy can do you for!

Hi everyone!  I’m an award winning, certified Engineer and Leader with over 15 years work experience. During this time I also:

– Founded Mentergy
– Co-Founded ThinkHub Innovations LLC
– Got my first Patent approved

I’m super passionate about health, performance, body and mind.  Everything from neurotransmitters, genetics, diet, to hormones, I love researching it all!

I’m on a lifelong journey helping people optimize their mind and body, to be the best version we possibly can be.

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