How I struggled with Stress & Anxiety at Work for 3 Years and Solved it in 3 Weeks (With Natural Remedies)

I came into the office one day only to find that I’ve been called into a last-minute meeting, I know the material, but stress, life, family have put me into a whirlwind.

Why was I feeling this way?  Well, I’ll tell you…I was one of the top performing engineers in the business, keeping that title and esteem was no easy task.  Trying to balance a million things, being an astute lead engineer, caring father and husband was grinding me down to something I never thought would be MY reality.  But it just took over and I apparently let it…

What was I to do?  I was angry at home (all the time) and at work I no longer handled complex situations with finesse, who was I becoming?  I distinctly remember one incident, at my annual performance review, my boss said he “gifted” me a 3 out of 5, which basically means I just made it to the average mark.

Was I going to celebrate? Nope, because he continued to berate me (loudly, I might add) in his office of how he “had” to give it and that I should have been lower, a “2”, which means I missed the mark and need substantial improvements.

How could this be?!  I began to seriously question my own resolve and competency, this really hurt.  If I was really missing the mark, did I even deserve to lead these other engineers, did I deserve these projects?  I mean how did I get here.  I knew one thing though, I wasn’t going to accept this, I needed to figure it out and do something about it.

I noticed that some people seem to just get it naturally, I wondered was it some sort of gift, are they just born that way, are they taking something to get that edge?

Great questions.  But know this, many of the top performers are always looking for and implementing the tools needed to stay sharp, balanced, and poised.  I would know, I’ve been on a long journey searching for the same tools.  Spending over $50,000 trying products, coaching, and seminars to be the best version of myself (again).

A bit about me, I’m an engineer by trade in the vast Pharma and Medical Device world, being the brightest and poised version of myself has helped me continue to perform and output what I’m truly capable of, taking the organizations I’ve worked for through some of the most difficult and confusing spaces to success and efficiency.

BUT it was no easy task!  I’ve been to some DARK places, where I questioned my own abilities constantly, lost faith in myself and branded myself as incapable.  Life stresses at home, the workplace and while running multiple businesses left me an empty shell of my former self.  Though I always knew this, I have A LOT to deliver and that I wouldn’t just stay in these dark trenches without fight my way out.

The problem: if you stay in these places too long, the stress eats at you, you foster knee jerk reactions, excessive emotions, complaining and aggression that serves almost purpose.  I say “almost” because there is something there, your EMOTIONS serve to teach you, either you change what you’re doing or be consumed by them.

Well I confidently say: let them TEACH YOU what you need to change to improve your life, your decisions and your ability to handle future episodes with the type of POISE and BRILLIANCE you were born to!

I’ve been refining these tools, to get back that edge and not let something like your fears, the infamous “fight or flight” response slow you down.

Below are 3 powerful yet amazingly simple methods to improving immediately:

1. Meditation to Clear Your Hypothalamus

Yes, hypothalamus sounds nerdy and meditation can be difficult, especially if your mind is scattered. However, here is a simple technique to get you results and is very easy implement.

So, taking a step back, the hypothalamus, put simply, is a part of your brain that controls your nervous system and stress response. As such, if you are constantly under stress, the hypothalamus becomes overloaded, almost like a full bucket. If you never work on emptying that “bucket” it will overflow and anxiety, depression, weight gain / loss, hair loss and irritability become your new normal. You don’t want that! Regardless if you’re already there or well on your way, try these simple steps to start taking back control by performing 15 to 20 minutes of Mindful Meditation, every morning:

  1. Sit upright but not stiff in a comfortable location
  2. Start with deep breaths, pay attention to them
  3. Now when thoughts and feelings arise, be intensely aware of them without ANY judgement (e.g. don’t get frustrated or upset by them). Just let them come and pass. As they pass, focus on your breath again.
  4. Perform this back-and–forth until your timer goes off, you’ll get better every day you do it.

That’s it! Simple and effective meditation, without the frustration or judgement! Here is a great short but sweet guided Mindful Meditation video, I recommend this to all my clients:

Mindfulness Meditation in 20 Minutes (Guided Meditation Technique, Anxiety Depression Stress Relief)

2. Diet Super Charge: Green Drink During Morning Fasting

This sounds too simple, doesn’t it? The key here is timing and being in a fasted state, you want all the “green” power hitting your system while on empty. Note, coffee prior is OK. You’ll also get 2 services of fruit and up to 3 servings of greens. This drink will provide you with protein, complexed carbohydrates (in fiber), omega 3s and both soluble and insoluble fiber. In a mere 2 days, you’ll notice improved regular digestion, better skin, and near euphoric energy and mood to start your day:

  • 1 Cup ice
  • 1 Cup water
  • 1/2 Scoop Vega Sports Vegan protein (my fave linked below)
  • 2 Heaping tablespoons Hemp Powder (another fave linked below)
  • 1 Organic banana
  • 1 Bowl of organic grapes – typically 12 to 15 regular sized red grapes
  • good sprinkle of organic cinnamon powder, which will help regulate fruit sugar response in the body1

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Vega Sports Vanilla Protein Powder

3. My Secret Weapon: Bioavailable Lithium

I tried SO MANY supplements, nootropics and blends. They just nudged the needle but never got me to where I needed (or wanted) to be. Being in the health industry, I am very careful and apprehensive about what I try. I needed something clinically proven, safe enough to take daily, and effective enough to get the job done. That’s when I stumbled on a little known but mighty, essential (yes, it’s actually required for peak performance) earth mineral2. Bioavailable Lithium, in the orotate form.

Unfortunately, it’s barely available in food and water, it’s been farmed out for hundreds of years now3. Also, the prescription, unnatural rock salt form known as Lithium Carbonate requires 10 to 25x of the elemental lithium to have any benefit whatsoever, which can be harmful!

Benefits of dietary Lithium:

  • Stabilizes mood and reduces anxiety
  • Enhances serotonin / dopamine release and modulates glutamate (excitatory) in the brain
  • Stimulates release of neuroprotective proteins
  • Potential neurogenesis through upregulation of BDNF4
  • May increases gray-matter in the brain5

CLICK HERE – Learn More About Mentergy: Bioavailable Lithium Nootropic

Although available by itself, Bioavailable Lithium was great but did not get me to where I needed to be. I further researched and combined it with powerful synergistic nootropics and adaptogens, which did the trick. It elevated my ability to think clearly, focus, have a great mood and most importantly: use all these tools in stressful situations. My performance staggeringly improved, I was able to use my skills and experiences like never before and impress upon my boss and team what I was truly capable of. The BEST ME.

Back to the story, shortly after optimizing my mental performance, I was promoted to a better team with an amazing boss and great opportunities to build my career like never before. I was officially out of my rut (and never looked back since).

For folks struggling with this, if my story resonates with you, I HIGHLY recommend you do something about it. I formulated Mentergy to address these symptoms, get you out of your rut and performing to your best abilities nearly immediately.

Don’t accept being stuck or any less than what you’re capable of, start making moves to optimize your mental performance today. Click the link below for more information on getting back to the real you!



2. Müller R, Anke M, Betz L. Essentiality of the Ultra Trace Element Lithium to the Nutrition of Animals and Man. Scientific symposium of industrial toxicology 2010. 2010:134-143.

3. Schrauzer GN. Lithium: occurrence, dietary intakes, nutritional essentiality. J Am Coll Nutr. 2002;21(1):14-21. doi:10.1080/07315724.2002.10719188